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Michael Paul Engel

Michael Paul Engel Story

Michael Engel is a 79-year-old veteran of the United States Navy. The main reason he joined the military was patriotism. He had a deep love from his country that was instilled in him by his parents and by the people around him in the late forties, fifties, and early sixties. He feels like back then everyone had a love for their country. Petty officer second class was Mike's highest and most proud rank that he earned. He had to study and take many courses and tests to get promoted to the next rank. He was an electronic technician. After bootcamp, he attended an electronics school for 32 weeks. He learned how to diagnose electronic issues with transponders, receivers, telephones, and cryptographic equipment. He had to climb telephone poles, string wire, lay cable and build antennas. He had a top-secret clearance working in a large Naval communication station. They communicated with the ships 24 hours a day. He collaborated with spies from the enemy side, so he learned a few tricks from them as well. He served one tour of duty and left the military active duty in October 1965. In March 1965, the First U.S. Combat Troops were sent to Vietnam. From October 1965 to October 1967, he was in the Navy reserve, and he volunteered to go to Vietnam. He was luckily not chosen to be sent over to Vietnam. He was stationed in Greece for 2 years. He lived on the base in tents and then all the sailors built the base from the ground up. They built the barracks, mess tent and communication station. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the men and being able to see the country of Greece. He was raised with a love for his country, believing in integrity, enjoying the camaraderie of those he served with, and working side by side with resolute people. He was on the Bob Hope show when he stopped in Greece in 1963 to shoot his USO Christmas special. Miss America, Anita Bryant, Gary Crosby, and Jerry Cologna were also part of the entertainment special we got to be part of. This was one of highlights of his career.