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Our History

The Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst was chartered April 5, 1950.
One of our founding members, the Hon. Arthur M. Cromarty, served the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst with distinction until his passing in 2015. Judge Cromarty was a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York and the court complex in Riverhead bears his name. He is pictured here 6th from the end on the top row.

Original Founding Members

Past Presidents

1950-1951 Michael R. Glass
1951-1952 Arthur J. Kraft
1952-1953 Carl Francis
1953-1954 Mitchell B. Rothberg
1954-1955 Arthur Gelzer
1955-1956 Edward G. Feller
1956-1957 Carl Boltin
1957-1958 Harold A. Ryan
1958-1959 Anthony Lazio
1959-1960 Frank Monteforte
1960-1961 Martin Lang
1961-1962 William Perfect
1962-1963 Charles Tanner
1963-1964 Floyd Chivvis
1964-1965 Frank Helling
1965-1966 Ralph Austin
1966-1967 Howard Rutherig, Jr.
1967-1968 Harvey Katz
1968-1969 Lawrence Troiano
1969-1970 William Jubak
1970-1971 Herbert B. Weeks, Jr.
1971-1972 Stanley I. Saksen

1972-1973 Irving “Lee” Leibowitz
1973-1974 Richard Heuwetter
1974-1975 Jerry Schill
1975-1976 Dr. Allen C. Peyser
1976-1977 George L. Bryant
1977-1978 Anthony D’Angelo
1978-1979 Joseph Bentley
1979-1980 John P. Doyle
1980-1981 Bud Fisher
1981-1982 Jerry Knight
1982-1983 Paul Buda
1983-1984 Charles Harvey
1984-1985 Nick LoBue
1985-1986 George Bryant
1986-1987 Mark J. Dawson
1987-1988 Alan Kayton
1988-1989 Frank Tiringer
1989-1990 Joe Fisher
1990-1991 Lawrence Troiano
1991-1992 John Plevritis
1992-1993 Lou Bongiorno
1993-1994 Lawrence J. Wolf

1994-1995 Sal Puglia
1995-1996 Janis Santorufo
1996-1997 Charles Groeling
1997-1998 Jo-Ann Boettcher
1998-1999 Dr. Gerard A. Bertuch
1999-2000 Charles Groeling
2000-2001 Susan Groenewoud
2001-2002 Louise Perrotta
2002-2005 Henrietta Gardner
2005-2007 Angela Petri
2007-2008 Lou Bongiorno
2008-2009 George L. Bryant
2009-2011 Gerald Schnell
2011-2013 Garry Biggs
2014-2015 Richard “RJ” Renna
2015-2016 Garry Biggs
2016-2018 Kelly Drummond
2018-2019 Ralph Somma, Esq.
2019-2021 Alice Cromarty/Paula Vidal
2021-2022 Rick Weidenburner
2022-2023 Tom Kropp
2023-Present Jo-Ann Boettcher

Our Current Board

President Jo-Ann Boettcher

Jo-Ann Boettcher

Past President Tom Kropp

Tom Kropp

Secretary Angela Petri

Angela Petri

Treasurer Angela Petri

Kelly Drummond

President Elect George Bryant

George Bryant


Gary Biggs


Alice Cromarty


Chuck Hager


Tom Kropp


Gaetan B. Lozito


Ralph Somma


Nick Turturro


Paula Vidal

The Six Objects

The Six Objects of Kiwanis remain one of the enduring hallmarks of our organization.

• To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.
• To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
• To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards.
• To develop by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.
• To provide through Kiwanis clubs a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service and to build better communities.
• To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill.


• Since its founding in 1950, the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst has enjoyed the fellowship of over 500 members
• We have sent over 250 children to Kamp Kiwanis in Rome, NY for a summer vacation of fun, fellowship and exercise
• Since the establishment of our scholarship fund in 1961, we have awarded over $467,000 to 290 local high school seniors.

Walter R. Gayer Kiwanis Memorial Park

Original Founding Members

At a 1982 Kiwanis interclub meeting between the Lindenhurst and Amityville Clubs, Nick Lobue of the Lindenhurst Club spoke to Walter Gayer of the Amityville Club about the possibility of buying the property on which the Memorial now stands from Walter's father, Francis Gayer. The intention at that time was to set up a Lindenhurst community bulletin board and information center.

Walter Gayer sadly passed away on December 24th, 1984. Over the subsequent years, Nick Lobue maintained an ongoing dialogue with Edna May Gayer (Walter's wife) regarding the property. Finally, on June 21st, 1991, Francis Gayer agreed to donate the property with the understanding that the Memorial be named after his late son, Walter R. Gayer. The agreement was formally signed by then President Larry Troiano on September 25th, 1991.

A Building Committee was subsequently formed and Nicholas J. Lobue was appointed Chairman. The following members were also chosen to serve on the Committee: George Bryant, Mark Dawson, Alan Kayton, John Plevritis, Mike Rosen and Larry Troiano. Lindenhurst Kiwanian Hugo Mascari volunteered to be the architect for the design of the Memorial.

Several other individuals also donated their time and energies towards the completion of this project. Non Kiwanian Richard Drake donated his time and skills as property surveyor. Former Lindenhurst Kiwanian Floyd Chiwis constructed and donated the Kiwanis International emblem that graces the top of the Memorial.

With the exception of the iron works and the granite, Non Kiwanian Randy Augusiewicz donated the complete construction which included the Monument's footings, bricks, blocks, cement, sidewalks, curbs, electrical service, lights, landfill, sprinkler system, initial landscaping and all associated labor. Randy donated this in memory of his father, Eugene Augusiewicz, a Lindenhurst businessman and a Uniondale Kiwanian.